White label

“iBeacon technology could potentially revolutionize a user’s entire world—from what happens when you enter your home to attending your kid’s spotring events.”

The Huffington Post

The PROXITY platform is a ‘white label’ product, which means it allows you to interact with your customers under your proprietary brand. As soon as the PROXITY mobile app users walk past your iBeacon transmitter, they will get your branded content – be it a special offer, event invitation or new arrival alert.

This approach allows many businesses to save on development costs – instead of developing iBeacon-enabled software they get our off-the-shelf solution for utilizing it under their proprietary brands.

If you have your own mobile app and prefer to use it for running location marketing campaigns, you can easily integrate the PROXITY functionality in a few minutes.

On top of that, PROXITY is the first and only iBeacon-enabled platform, which supports nearly all third-party iBeacons. While we offer our own hardware (PROXITY iBeacons), our software is vendor-agnostic. We prefer not to tie our clients to our hardware.

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