“iBeacon has the intentional to revolutionize the in-store experience. […]Best of all, it happens on a proprietary network, no wifi or wireless signal needed to solve that in-store connectivity issue, bringing mobile into stores and creating a useful application for the shopper.”


Blurring the line between digital and physical

Developed by Apple, iBeacon is a wireless micro-location technology which allows you to determine indoor location of both iOS and Android smartphones in the most accurate way, deliver contextual content to nearby users and even trigger certain location-based actions of smartphones.

iBeacon transmitters are a low-powered, low-cost devices transmitting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal which can be detected by smartphones in a range of up to 70 meters. iBeacons are widely used in proximity marketing campaigns as their signal can be picked up by any iBeacon-enabled app. Combination of current physical location along with contextual location-based content delivers a personalized unique user experiences.

Since the iBeaconindustries adopt this proximity marketing tool for implementing loyalty campaigns, in-store navigation, notifying users through push messages, etc.

PROXITY is a powerful, comprehensive iBeacon-enabled solution comprising a cloud CMS platform for managing your proximity campaigns, hardware and mobile app for end-users.

What is iBeacon?

Low Energy Consumption

PROXITY iBeacons are powered by a coin battery that lasts up to two years. They don’t require Internet connection or external power source.

Information Security

iBeacons transmit small data packets with their ID, they do not store any data and cannot be hacked. Your data is safely stored in the PROXITY cloud platform.


Depending on the needs of your location-based campaign, you can choose the operating range for each iBeacon: immediate (few centimeters), near (2-3 m) or far (> 10 m away).