10 Ideas for Using Beacons

“[iBeacon is] the most important retail technology since the mobile credit card reader.”

Business Insider

Beacons have been increasingly getting lots of attention about how they transform the mobile industries and revolutionize the way people use their smartphones. Here are 10 things you can do with the PROXITY Beacons right away and enjoy ground-breaking experiences.


If you do shopping, iBeacons can navigate you around a store and guide your choices with videos, coupons and discounts in real time, depending on where you are in store. With beacons, you receive product info as you walk through a store or better deals for similar products or directions to other sales. For instance, you visit a supermarket to make your weekly stock of yoghurt and plan to visit a diary section only. As you walk towards the diary corner, you receive a beacon notification on a one-off 50% discount for your favourite toothpaste and make a good deal.


If you are a globetrotter looking for the improved hotel experience, beacons are becoming your personal hotel advisers. For instance, beacons notify you to possible room upgrades at discounted rates as soon as you walk in the door or send you tips on the hotel attractions.


If you are committed to green technologies and energy preservation, beacons can offer you a perfect solution. Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which essentially means that beacons can run off a single standard lithium battery up to two years without external power supply. Exploit this potential to communicate with your staff, send meeting notifications and reminders while reducing your paper and energy consumption.


If you are a business company choosing to optimize your marketing costs through better targeting and actionable messages, beacons can help with customer segmentation and engagement. With beacons, you can have a direct way to find out what your customers are doing, and can pinpoint exactly where in your venue they are doing it, how long they are doing it and maybe what their preferences are. That way, you can trigger location-based features on customers' smartphone apps, including targeted coupons, store maps, and hands-free payments.


If you are an event planner, beacons can enhance your interaction with your event attendees be creating an interactive journey based on proximity or using the concept of gamification. For instance, you are exhibiting your honey products at the international festival and need to drive traffic to your exhibition booth. For instance, when your attendees are 10-15 meters away, they may receive a push with a message ‘Looking for a high-quality organic honey? We are just around the corner – find us and get a small nice gift from us.’ As a happy attendee comes to your booth, your message ‘Welcome to the best honey booth!’ is complimented by your warm welcome in person.


If you a university teacher, beacons can allow you tracking and monitoring the class attendance. With iBeacons installed in your classroom and yours and students’ devices on a Bluetooth mode, you can determine your students’ locations. Use beacons to communicate with your students, alert them on any changes in class schedule or remind of deadlines.


If you are dreaming of having a smart home, beacons can help you enable this. Place beacons around and inside your house and manage your home lighting, appliances and electronics based on your microlocation – all without lifting a finger. For instance, as soon as you enter your home all the lights turn on and your TV activates and when you move out the lights and TV shut off to conserve energy.


If you are a city tourist, beacons can guide you to city attractions and most exciting goings-on in your real-time location. Imagine you are waiting for a public bus to take you to the retro cars parade in the central square. Beacons installed in your bus station will notify you on any bus itinerary as they approach your location – easy to make your next travel choice.


If you are visiting a fine arts museum and feel frustrated by seeing signs in an unfamiliar language, beacons can serve your personal interpreters and museum guides. With beacon-enabled signs, you can get translations in your language along with much more information about the painting and the author than any sign could hold.


If you are an NGO striving to improve educational opportunities for visually impaired children, beacons can help you better connect them with the world and access information on their surroundings. For instance, you are taking your students to a natural history museum. Your students can receive detailed voice information as they approach any exhibits as well as being alerted on what’s going on around them.

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