How it works

“iBeacon technology could potentially revolutionize a user’s entire world—from what happens when you enter your home to attending your kid’s spotring events.”

The Huffington Post

“Without location, there is no context”

iBeacon technology allows to determine the device’s precise real time location within few meters. Add to this the appropriate software such as the PROXITY platform, and your business will get new exciting opportunities, for instance, delivery of personalized, targeted marketing content, digital signage, employee attendance tracking, indoor navigation, customer behavior analysis and measuring effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

To run your first iBeacon campaign you will need:

  • PROXITY iBeacons, a tiny, maintenance-free devices;
  • Account in the PROXITY cloud platform for creating and managing your campaigns;
  • The PROXITY mobile app (or rapid integration PROXITY into your proprietary app).

Once you have created the first campaign on the PROXITY platform and activated your iBeacons, the transmitters will immediately start broadcasting your content to smartphone users in accordance with the specified settings. PROXITY is a multilingual platform, your messages can be automatically delivered in a default language of user’s smartphone.

You can log in your PROXITY account from any device connected to the Internet and change your campaign settings in a few seconds. The intuitive interface allows you to create and edit content with no extra effort.

Want to get a free trial of the PROXITY platform? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Easy to Deploy

Just stick your PROXITY iBeacons to any flat surface indoor or outdoor and sign in the cloud-based PROXITY platform to activate them.

Off-the-shelf Solution

You don’t need programming or design skills to create, configure and manage your iBeacon campaigns in the PROXITY cloud platform.

Advanced User Insights

Easily identify, monitor and analyze the progress of every campaign. PROXITY’s analytics dashboard enables in-depth customer behavior analysis.