Connect Other Beacons

“iBeacon technology could potentially revolutionize a user’s entire world—from what happens when you enter your home to attending your kid’s spotring events.”

The Huffington Post

Connect any third-party beacon with a single click!

PROXITY is the first and only iBeacon-enabled platform, which allows you to connect any third-party beacons in no time.

Although we would recommend you to use our PROXITY iBeacons (for the simple reason that we provide a full warranty for manufacturing defects), you are free to join the PROXITY platform with any third-party beacon. We do not charge any additional fee for servicing third-party beacons.

In order to connect any of your beacons to the PROXITY platform, you need to create an account and simply enter the UUID number of your beacon in the ‘Beacons’ section.

Done! You’ve got everything to get started.

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