Areas of use

“26 McDonald’s franchises in Columbus, Georgia have been testing out the technology with its customers. In a four week trial, these fast food joints have been pushing special deals for McChicken Sandwiches and 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. The promotions pushed McChicken Sandwich sales up 8 percent and Chicken McNuggets up 7.5 percent.”


Retail Sector

More retail brands use iBeacon technology to deliver personalized, relevant real-time offers to customers. Various pilot projects have shown a significant growth in sales and customer engagement. In fact, customers enjoy receiving special location-aware offers or coupons on their smartphones. Strategically locate the PROXITY iBeacons on your retail premises, and you can promote exactly those products which you customers are walking past. The distinct advantage of PROXITY is its versatility, it is a white label platform which means you can deliver content under your proprietary brand.

Indoor Navigation

When it comes to indoor navigation, PROXITY is an essential tool. Just imagine you are entering a shopping mall, business center, airport or museum, and you no longer need a map or helpdesk – tips on navigating are directly delivered to your smartphone. In addition, visitors can immediately assess the quality of service, provide feedback or check in to a place without leaving the PROXITY app.

Event Management

iBeacon technology has already proven itself as the best event manager’s helper. For example, in 2014 the largest film and music SXSW used iBeacons for rapid attendees check-in and delivering location-based information related to the current sessions in real time. You can easily integrate PROXITY functionality into your proprietary app, place the PROXITY iBeacons in the strategic areas

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