About us

“[iBeacon is] the most important retail technology since the mobile credit card reader.”

Business Insider

Our mission is to put high technology at the service of people and make the most of IT services to ensure the people’s living environment is more comfortable.

Proxity Sagl is an EU-based tech company inspiring and uniting team members with diverse backgrounds and deep professional expertise.

Proxity Sagl has successfully designed, developed and implemented various ICT solutions for commercial and non-commercial use, which were highly appreciated by thousands of users.

Our Values

Goal Setting. We know what we want and how to achieve it. Our total dedication and high productivity allowed us to design and develop the most versatile and user-friendly iBeacon platform - PROXITY , which is our flagship product.

Expertise. Each of us can count on joint experience and knowledge of the whole team. The PROXITY team comprises of highly qualified and well-experienced ICT professionals, as well as business development and marketing experts.

Long-Term Vision. We are not ‘I’m just doing my job’ people. We believe in our project and its potential huge impact on the way people communicate and do business. We have our long-term vision and know how to turn it into action.

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Corso Pestalozzi 21A
6900 Lugano
Tel.: +41 91 220 46 19
Email: support@proxity.eu

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